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87,000 new street gimps not tax accountants who understand the tax code

 Take a look at this bunch of recruits. Already, on the first week, they are arming them and teaching them basic take down tactics. 

  • Not the tax code.
  • Not accounting.
  • Not public relations in dealing with the public on taxes.

Just “here’s your gun and holster. This is a draw. Point. Shoot.”

No. This is a quick on the street bunch of uneducated thugs who can’t even spell tax code. Someone wants a frontline army to take the brunt of the home assaults. 

Reveals they do not have enough devils to enforce martial law. So they are growing 10 divisions of armed low watt bulbs to use against the people.

One qualifier? Have to love globohomo. Have to.
Looks like a San Francisco homeless sweep with tac vests