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He’s precisely correct. Wow, validated by a Russian foreign minister. At least you are hearing it from someone, now, other than myself, eh?

So, for the umpteenth time, here you go again.

  • This country will suffer nuclear devastation.  
  • It won’t be Russia, it will be our own government, who will blame it on Russia.

They are going ahead with their plans with Crimea, as we’ve seen, and Ukraine, as we are seeing. It’s why we have doofus head sniffy and the hyena demon in Culver City; to the world, the USA is already one big joke.

Have a nice spring…


If you listen between the lines, what he is really saying – to the world, not his parliamentary –  is to go ahead and disconnect from the USA, while you can with your assets. Because later, it will be too late and they’ll go down in whatever degree they are tied to America. That’s what he is really saying.

And countries, as we have observed in the last week, are doing precisely that. They are disconnecting from the USA; you just don’t hear about it. But it is happening. And now that Russia has created a gold backed and stable currency that is immune to hyper inflation and other actions of the west’s central fiat currency banks. We haven’t had a world government with its currency backed by gold since 1933.

That’s a long time and look at the value of the dollar and other currencies and their value. A gallon of milk is ten bucks. When I was 18 it was 58 cents. See it now.

And everyone wants a stable world reserve currency, which the US dollar (the dead petro-dollar, thanks to the Sniffy white house and the FED) is NO MORE.