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Zetatalk is a Nancy Leder network shill site to mislead and misdirect those gullible enough to trust them. They’ve been predicting planet X for 15 years as being arouund the corner anytime now. The truth is in what they sell, the whole X (hex) generation thing. Xs are on cars, products, books, tattoos, you name it. It’s code for HEX, a thing witches do on a magical level to control events, people, places, things. Some companies and their covens don’t even hide it anymore – GM cars carry a big HeX on their vehicles. It’s witchcraft coming from the shadows to the light of day. Zetatalk has always been a part of that dark side. It’s why they are still around when they were totally discredited back in the 90s as a bunko site full of nonsense, spewing lies.

Planet X…what a joke. Please be aware of this huge rabbit hole of lies started by Nancy Leder in the late 1990s