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Zeitgeist Satanism

Be kind to one another…

By Don Bradley

The film in question effectively deals with the fundamental problems of a money-based system of commerce and governance. I found it accurately and simply done, so even a child could understand the basics of this flawed creation. It goes on to mention the inherent divisions of religion and that, at the end of the day, technology is and will be the savior of the human race.

There are problems with that perspective. And important questions that beg asking, that should have been dealt with.

1. Why would any group of men or women create such a system as we have now?
2. What would be their motivations for doing so?
3. Why would anyone pursue a “profits only” outlook on life, at the expense of everything else, the destruction of the human condition, while creating endless suffering and poverty for the remainder of the world?
4. Why would one group of people pit the varying religions against each other as inherent enemies to divinity (our essential oneness with all that is) and their way of life?
5. Why would a small group of powerful people maintain the drug cartels and send cheap drugs to the masses, while passing stricter and harsher penalties for consuming the very drugs they make cheap and plentiful?
6. Why would technology be used to create effective slaves of the majority without their knowledge or consent?
7. Why do the Power Elite who control these evil corporations marginalize those men and women who have moved beyond the limitations of the human form and have, in fact, demonstrated a higher frequency of existence beyond the physical?
8. How can technology in and of itself be the only answer to our problems, when it is the exploitation of technology for dark purposes that only increase human suffering?
9. Why kind of people would do this to other people, get pleasure from doing it, and sleep well at night with the day’s deeds staring them in the face?
10. Why?

And see, we come back to the fundamentals of existence. Soul. I found it ironic that the video opened and closed with Krishnamurti, a person who I’ve been studying since I was 16 years old. I found his early life fascinating, and his story of who he was and how he came to be, amazing. Krishnamurti was a total clairvoyant in the highest sense of the word, who came to disavow the very group—Theosophy—as Satanic fiends intent on using him as a fake Messiah prior to WWII. As he came to awareness of the kind of dark souls he was rubbing shoulders with, he quit the worldwide movement funded by HUGE BANKER DOLLARS and POUNDS to put him on a world stage as the next savior and eventually went to live in seclusion in Ojai, Calif. The network really courted him and was prepping him for his “world mission” and his early years were spent globe trotting to varying groups while ensconced in castles and visited by the Super Elite and Extremely Wealthy of the 1920s. And what he saw among the “enlightened” and “special classes” sickened him.
Krishnamurti knew and understood the inner and outer conditions of life because to him, they were wholly visible. His discourses on emergent technologies and the industrial revolution make lucid reading and are still relevant today. More so, even.
He saw, as I see, the true nature of the soul working through the medium of the bodies. It is our inner divine self that is of moment, rather than the outer material and therefore technological aspect. And that inner self can be motivated by unseen agencies that function just out of phase in the etheric and astral realms. These agencies seek to empower and impress those willing to find connection to whatever serves their appetites.
And if serving your appetites is the sum-total of your existence, then you will find endless empowerment to do just that: feed the carnal self; the outer, the transitory, the thing that gets old and eventually dies off. But know this one immutable fact.
Feeding the lower and outer at the expense of the inner and more real has consequences which then lead to the very conditions we find in the world today!
The answers to the above questions are visible and simple. The Power Elite of our world—now as in times past—have a religion all their own. That religion serves the Dark Spirits who empower the carnal appetites at the expense of the spiritual and therefore divine. For every carnal appetite served stands as an obstacle to the divine within us.
Carnal appetites are greed, lust, power, hate, self-glory, desire, ambition, and so on. Once these dogs are fed, the beauty that defines humanity at its very best withers and dies. For the spirit of kindness dies when malice and hatred are given the day. Compassion ceases to be when ego and self-glory rule the human temple.
As long as those in power who maintain their hegemony with money and force, while serving their carnal selves over the better angels of their inner self, our world will stay in this continuous hell of poverty, slavery, destruction, and suffering.
To close…

Be Kind To One Another…

Bring a smile to your world…

Give courtesy and generosity…

Connect with all that you see, even your supposed enemies…

Connect with yourself, for all you need is within you…

Kindness rather than oppression and censorship