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Youtube freezing video stats

Apparently, a couple of my youtube uploads have done okay in views. But i notice that after a certain point, youtube freezes the video view and rating stats of those videos that draw viewers. They do this to keep the video DOWN in the assessment rating lists, which puts them out of reach of most video seekers.

This is the kind of insidious blocking attacks the network does to people to keep them down, invisible, and under the boot. This happens to many others, as well as myself.

Another fun thing we notice is watching our web site and blogs stats actually go backward. What was once say, 10,000 becomes 8400. This happens on any mainstream site of weight, even the inky-dinky podunk web servers.

According to Youtube analytics, almost 9000 people a day play the videos there. But if you track the individual video stats, they rarely change from low numbers, if ever.

9000 a day…