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Youtube, Bitchute, and now Rumble…

by Don Bradley

As many already know, putting up relevant and material videos to the events as they unfold around us has been a key modality of my work since 2002, long before these media platforms existed. I’ve always been blocked one way or another, on the most sensitive and revelatory material.

Youtube, that bastion of total evil it has become, removed and removes my content as fast as I put it up, to the point of wiping out 80% or more of the hundreds of videos uploaded there over the years. My uwantsun channel is an empty shell of what it was meant to be, because of the fact YT is a CIA front and was taken over by them via Google. Search InQtel and Evergreen with CIA and see what you get.

Of course, you won’t get anything anymore because TOTAL censorship is alive and well on the web.

So, 15 months ago, I moved to Bitchute and started uploading there. Gee…. Same thing started happening again. Just like Youtube, my best stuff, the most insightful stuff, THE SMOKING GUN STUFF, you never get to see ever. 

At Bittychute, they stop uploads cold by shutting down the upload stream, halfway through. Every time. Sometimes they allow it, after days or when it is no longer relevant. Mostly, it’s cancelled outright, no explanation. Go F yourself, Don.

So, I thought, I will get my OWN site, with my OWN server bandwidth through Ionos. What a JOKE. They are WORSE THAN BITCHUTE. THEY BLOCK EVERYTHING that’s really good. They only allow–when they do allow–small clips, under ten minutes or less. One never knows.

At Rumble, an apparently new and UNCENSORED site, they place my videos with dogs and porn, not in the categories I chose. And so it goes.

Many times at all these sites, I have to upload over and over again, for hours, changing titles around and calling it things like “Gracie the cat likes to nap” and blather like that. Then it slips through…until they catch it. 

Hopefully, by then, it’s too late. The thing is out.

That’s how bad it is. It’s why I have so many sites. Because between them all, maybe the material can get in your hands. Maybe. Usually not. 

But, I try.

And keep trying. Because it’s important to be able to make an informed decision about our world, for all of us. And the few people who support this channel cannot be let down. As Yeshua, cannot be let down. He put the work in my hand, do it I must.

Hope you understand.

Be safe in the upcoming. We are literally on the edge of the abyss and I am not exaggerating this fact.

At the new site, Daily-Messenger.com, the stat software shows sometimes near 150 people on the site, at any one time. But, when you look at view stats, it’s like 4 views. For the day. See what I mean?