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Youtube BANS Alex Jones and Infowars, among others…the 1st amendment is being killed off, the most important one of them all.

Now that they have effectively erased the 1st amendment – the right to speak your mind, as anyone should, regardless of their opinions – the rest of the Amendments will quickly follow.

Everything hinged and supported the 1st amendment.

Allowing this to happen is the same as allowing Hitler Deep State NWO Fascists to run rough shod over our lives. And they are. with medicine, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, you name it.

The Hildebeast didn’t make it. But that’s not stopping the satanic shits from removing anyone who is exposing their satanic agenda.

Like Me.

And a few of you, wherever you are out there.

Damn, he was right.

Fascist satanic leftist bastards