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Your humble web host is being stealthed and dry-runned by someone…

This is what it looks like when a 4 men create their own trail up the side of a hill from the road down below your home and then lay down and surveillance your place of residence. And no, it’s not animals. Cats, deer, and other wildlife leave hardly any residual presence other than a hoof print or a trail line they then use frequently.

No. This was definitely a group of people, who left a human wide trail up from the road right up to the small wall just off our kitchen, where we congregate at night.

This is what is known as a dry run. Field testing a procedure in uncertain terrain before committing an executive action.   See, even though we live at the end of a street, the only other way to control and access the property is up the side of the hill. Thankfully, due to all the rain, we have large grass growing everywhere and anything that moves among it, leaves a trace. Only human beings in a group leave such a large residual presence indicator.

See for yourselves.

where they gathered

over the weekend last