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Yeshua appears on friend’s chicken

Yeshua…image appears on chicken.

We name many of the girls after ladies from the bible. Sarah, Ruth, Sophia, etc. All the heroes. And they are quite the characters, I must say. Anyways.

For me, what is most cool, is talking about Dad. All the time. Like a broken record, but not in a churchianity kind of way, but in a cool, next level star trek kind of way. If you follow my meaning. Because this is so-or in spite of my blathering- we get all manner of “Dad or Yeshua” appearances in some way that is visible to those who cannot see. It’s like a gift of confirmation, as I see it. Because you trusted and believed, know I am with you. I am REAL. Kind of thingy.

A few years back I was at chicken lady’s house, taking a walk in the field behind her place – which abuts right next to the Los Padres National Forest and as usual, I was going and on and on about Dad’s love for us and how the whole thing really works, without all the bible banging bs that is spread abouts. And in the sky, in 500 foot tall letters, the word GOD appeared, lasted for somewhere around 20 seconds or so, then faded away.

Chicken lady is the only witness. Wish I had a camera. I don’t keep cell phones with me, because they are always on and batteries drain fast, because they are surveilling and sending around the clock.

I love this daily stuff.