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Witchcraft in Ojai, Calif…the business of the city as usual

This morning, noticed all the streets quietly being lined up with little chairs all tied together for the 4th of July – which is yet 8 days away! Extreme silliness, right? To do such a thing that far in advance? Especially when lining up chairs for the 4th in every city I’ve ever seen took place the evening before!

The question asked reveals the answer given. Which is:

1. It’s the new moon today. Ojai is a city riddled from one end to the other of covens. It is a veritable buffet of black magic and on every level one can imagine. The CIA runs this town. Black magic and worship to Lucifer is the religion of Ojai. Anyone who tells you different is either lying or simply won’t see what is all over the signage, statues, and artwork stuck practically everywhere in the last ten years.

2. It’s 8 days before the 4th of July, celebrating their 8 black mass sabbats they rule their lives by.

And that’s just on the surface. On every street in Ojai, coven members are in force.

Ojai has also become in recent years a big agency magnet for Lesbians. On any given hour of any given day, you can see anywhere from 20 to 100 lesbian couples, arm in arm, kissing and walking about. Fact. Largest collection of well-funded same-sex women I’ve ever seen outside of Santa Monica or San Francisco.

Lesbian witches, btw.