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WIKILEAKS: Samsung TV viewers were recorded by MI5 and CIA who could also remotely control and crash your car

our car

Terrifying: MI5 worked with their US counterparts software that convinced people their Smart TV sets were switched off when in fact they were on and recording them

Samsung calls ‘urgent’ inquiry into claims spies hack their TVs

Watched by the ‘Weeping Angels’: How Samsung TV viewers were ‘recorded via their sets by British and US spies who hacked into devices with a virus named after eerie Doctor Who villains’

  • Site published 8,761 secret US government files detailing hacking techniques
  • It was called ‘Weeping Angel’ –  after stone statue killer monsters from Dr Who
  • WikiLeaks claims documents show CIA can bug your TV and control your car
  • Among files was US-UK operation which showed how to turn TV into spy device
  • Instructions said TV could be switched off but actually used to monitor targets

TV hack: CIA and MI5 are able to record conversations by turning TVs into listening devices and making them appear on standby when they are really on, leaked intelligence documents claim
Yesterday a huge number of documents were released purportedly revealing the hack tools the CIA uses to break into phones, computers and even smart TVs


WikiLeaks Vault 7 Dump Blows CIA Wide Opoen [VIDEO]