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Why do they want to kill us en masse?

Poisoning our food, water, and air…
It’s what they do. It’s all they do. And for decades.
And the cancer rates keep climbing and climbing and climbing…

Why aren’t these talking points with the candidates for ANY office in the land? Because they are ALL bought and paid for window dressing for the Beast System. A system of death, slavery, and darkness.

That’s why.

Prop 37 in California is a step toward freedom from slavery. But who is there to help?

The media? Not a chance. They are owned by the same devils who own big agra.

The politicians? Yeah, right.

The courts? They are the worst of the bunch; soulless lawyers seeking only to gain power and money.

That leaves us. We have to find our freedom, become self-aware of the truths of this time, and do what we can to free our family, friends, and anyone who has the sense to listen.

All else is just submission to slavery. Enjoy your frankenfood, cancer, and diabetes. It’s all you have to look forward to, otherwise.