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Why do I have to pay for YOUR glorious pensions when all I’ll get is a dwindling Social Security check (if I’m lucky)?

Average police retirment yearly pay? $275,000.00 a year!

Do you get that for your retirment, 401, or SS?

If you are above detective grade, the average is $360,000.00

And these cry babies want the tax payers to come up with MORE MONEY TO FUND THEIR new cars, new boats, lifestyle.

Oh…and this one. They can retire, and return to law enforcement and collect that huge payout plus their new job, doubling down!

Can you do that? Can anyone do that with their retirement?

Well ALL police and fire department retirees can and MORE.

Nice eh? 

And we pay for all of it!

 Can the rest of us get the Police, Fire Dept and Teacher’s Union to pay for what was lost in our 401k’s since 2000?

Eliminate final year overtime abuse etc…doubling or tripling salaries relating to pension calculations…

Private sector should be so lucky…
Expect fees & fines to increase…or other stealthy ways…

In San Francisco they are paid 90% of their salary in retirement. They all go out on disability because then 75% of the pension is tax free.
The old lesbian Chinese Chief of Police is making $300K per year, plus now she has a federal job, she went out on disability too. For twitching, kid you not.
She never held a gun or worked one day on the streets, she was a political appointment.
Fong oversaw the implementation of the city’s controversial sanctuary city policy,

 And what they don’t steal from the tax payer, they steal with immoral civil asset seizure.