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While they are distracting us with Ukraine fakery…WHO institutes TWO HUGE changes for Earth

1. WHO moving forward on GLOBAL vaccine passport program

2. All health mandates and codes and enforcement and LAWS, to henceforth be controlled by a single institution. The WHO, and Klaus Von Blood Drinker.

Both of these are going on the books RIGHT NOW, while the world is focused on the fiction. When this is done and it will be next week when the slugs at the UN vote on it, IT WILL BE TOO LATE.

Too late to rescind. Too late to stop. Too late to protest.


You thought the covid scam was over? It is not. They moved to a critical phase and they needed the entire gullible world to looking the other way while they put the final nails in our freedom coffin.

We’ve won nothing. Nothing at all.


Lesbian Coven demands mask mandates.