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While the Border Burns, Your New “Spiritual and Patriotic” Duty Is To get the DNA changing genome MRNA “VAX”.

For “devout Catholic and child molester” Sniffy, Easter provided an opportunity to tell Christians it’s their “duty” to get motb vaccinated with something that is neither a vaccine or anything to do with Covid.

Covid was invented for the DNA Gene Splicing Agent,

Not the other way around.

On Easter Weekend, Biden Doubled Down On “Spiritual Duty” Message.

President Joe Biden spent Easter weekend at Camp David—and used the most important Christian holiday to outline a series of responsibilities for people of faith that align quite closely with the policy ambitions of his left-wing presidency. 

After calling vaccination the “godly thing to do” in a call with faith leaders, Biden placed an op-ed entitled “Let us recommit ourselves to the lessons of Easter” in Religion News Service. The piece did not mention the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, but described Christian duty as follows:

We have a duty to care for all those who are hurting: to provide food to the millions of Americans who are hungry; to keep a roof over the heads of families pushed to the brink; to treat those on the front lines of this crisis with dignity, and to deliver them greater relief and peace of mind.

And we each have a duty — both spiritual and patriotic — to get vaccinated when it is our turn, and to encourage our friends and loved ones to do the same.

Although Biden has been spending time with his family throughout his presidency, he pointedly said on the faith leaders call, “Because we’ve had the great honor of being vaccinated, we may be able to get together with some of them this Easter.”

Other life-and-death matters for Christians haven’t made it into Biden’s orbit yet.

“President Biden has claimed repeatedly to be a strong supporter of international religious liberty . . . But persecuted Christians and other religious minorities are still waiting for him to turn his words into diplomatic action,” wrote David Curry, president and CEO of Open Doors USA, in an Easter op-ed. “Meanwhile, Christians in America enjoy relative safety while our government maintains close, and even warm, relationships with some of the worst offenders—China, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, India and others.”

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  • With “Beautiful Things” release day just ahead, Hunter Biden is thriving in a media environment that showers the families of Democratic politicians with favoritism.