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What's going on with retail? Now Valero is dissing its customers

Public relations and Management

This morning at about 10:45, I went into the Valero gas station in Ojai, Ca – as I do every week for years – purchased some items totaling about $197.00
When I asked for a bag, I was informed that there were no bags for me. Ever. And that they only had beer can bags for alcohol. When told them I always get a bag, they said I would have to bring in my own.
This is strange given that I saw and see people walking out with bags for their goods.
Now I am aware Ojai has a bag law for GROCERY STORES, but even so, I should have been able to buy one. But they refused to do so. I was polite and and no time raised my voice.
When I informed them that the woman standing next to the lady running the register always gives me a bag, she said “oh, but i charge you for it.”
Not true, she never has. And i have the receipts. Even so, I would have liked to have a bag, was willing to pay, but was told no.
This amazes me as I then watched people getting bags thereafter.

Why lie to a customer that spends upwards of $300.00 every week and is always nice to the staff.