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What we can expect in the upcoming

What we can expect in the upcoming

Don Bradley, May 7th, 2021

In their increasingly maniacal thirst for more victims, the satanic cabal intends the following, some of this agenda, is already in play. In most schools, the vax weapon kill shot is mandatory from Kindergarten through PhD. Plus, every satanist business owner is demanding vax death compliance.

They intend to tighten the noose around our necks, one tug at a time.

And this is coming very soon, not years away, but months. Plan accordingly, as best as able to your circumstance. The following will be required, to push the desperate into surrendering their free will.

Then it becomes the singular issue:


Well, what’s your price?

Vax Weapon death shot will berequired if you want any semblance of life, we currently enjoy.

  • Public transportation
  • Stores
  • Gasoline of any kind
  • Electricity, gas, oil for the home or business
  • employment, state and then federally mandated

Initially, depending upon compliance, only cabal business owners from the single woman running the local apothecary, to a huge corporation, will and are being used, to enforce free will surrendering of one’s body and soul. Then, when that fails to the desired levels, the state and Feds will weigh in, boxing the remainders into a corner.

Then the camps.

All this year. We have about 2 months ish until this is upon us, from every angle. From July onward (because they have a schedule they are working against), they will go beyond overpaid whores shilling for videos and TV ads and start to lean against the weak willed and indecisive. This lot will fail the test as they’ve always had, in their past.

Dad’s people will usually, never agree to any of this. They know that too. They just want the herd thinned down to the REFUSNIKS, who just won’t sell out. And in whom the vax weapon shedding is having no effect. They get the camps, or?

Prepare accordingly.


PS Remember, the vax erases your ability to hear or feel, Almighty God. So people are reporting who can feel and hear. Those that have no connection, ever, won’t notice a thing.