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What the vax weapon passport contains

Don Bradley

What the vax weapon passport contains. Any person, official, or LEO when scanning your vax weapon cert, gets the info. In other words, every checkpoint, every scanner at the bank, store, or wherever, the reader has instant updated to the minute files on each of us. Total strangers will know more about you than your parents or spouse.

To protect the children…

  • Bio-metric data on your vitals
  • Criminal and legal record
  • FICO 
  • Address, work address, etc.
  • All your medical and legal records. ALL.
  • Other known or past addresses and or aliases.
  • GPS location data at all times. Plus a complete log of your whereabouts since passported.
  • Ethnicity, names of family members, names of known associates and friends.
  • Email and other online accounts.
  • All vehicles, employer, salary data, banking data including account numbers.
  • Vax Weapon dates of injection.
  • Civil and criminal convictions, arrest records, and ALLEGED CRIMINAL BEHAVIORS.
  • OPEN arrest warrants, or person of interest investigations and police agencies known to.
  • Identity level and permission to travel codes (wow)
  • Effective rate of vax weapon completion. (what the hell?)

In short, everything about you a typical FBI file might have, this passport will have. Which all must have to do business, travel, bank, buy groceries, leave the house. Defiance of your “travel code” results in immediate incarceration.

This is what they have developed, perfected, and it’s all already in the can.