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What the new dictatorial laws are all about

What the new dictatorial laws are all about

They are measuring our collective resistance mode. The more they clamp down, restrict, cancel, ban, freeze, etc., it becomes the singular issue of what new tyranny can we impose and get away with?

They know that soon, areas, towns, certain streets are going to say NO. They are counting on it.

Until that day, expect worsening measure aimed at taking away everything we have, a chunk at a time.

The weapon mandate is the big one, of course.

But the others are just baiting…seeing if they can still get the same dopey brained compliance they had a year ago. 

Except now, there is NO WAY OUT of this mess, for anyone.

No matter what corners one cuts, or abides, the wall of slavery will be faced and HARD. For each and every one of us. I’m informed that every single soul will face that moment of decision and it will decide a great many futures both now and in beyond.

Choose wisely. Resist Evil.

They are hoping for a bugaloo uprising, but small scale at certain places. Just enough of a boogie for them to unleash hell upon us all.

  • UN troops
  • Chinese invasion from the North
  • Lock downs
  • Check Points
  • Your papers please…or the camps.

Even if you take the poison, this will keep tightening and ramping up. They have a schedule to keep. Remember that. Always that.