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What a whiny little Bitch that Don guy is…

At least we still have beauty – Eastern Sierras, outside of Bishop, CA.

It’s ironic isn’t it. I provide proof of the heavenly realms and am shunned by the christian community. The more proof, the worse the “F that guy” thingy it is. I have footage and pics going back 30 years. Not to mention tons of new stuff. Can’t put it out, because…it’s being spit on, not just the satanists neither. And like the prophets of the old testament, everyone goes to the other side or flat out calls it something ugly because…that’s what their satanic pastor says to do. No honest consideration of what’s given or critical thinking for themselves. Not saying I am a prophet, because heaven help me on that score. I have been with no woman since Trisha, the boys mom, terminated the common law marriage back in 2004, even though I am allowed. So, no whoring abouts, just looking after boys, serving Dad and the few who bother to read the blather I put out with an open mind.

I see so much amazing phenomena…and that’s that. I put out some proof, and its fraud, or satan, or whatever. I don’t mind the name calling. Contacted R** S***, but his wife pushed him away from me as some kind of bad guy, because of my esoteric background in searching, when young, for a deeper contact with Christ. And so it goes. Only Hovind treats me decent, same with Wyatt, but he’s gone. All the rest attack without even bothering to know me, so I don’t bother getting on with them or doing the meet ups. I’ve tried that and was shunned. Same with the churches we visit. Not a one of them is of Dad, and the people eyes turn black, the pastor hides from us, the usual thing. (99% of the churches are controlled by the satanic network, teaching total bilge.) The proof is that for the tens of hundreds of thousands of readers, only 3 donations a month. When others with NOTHING, make massive bank on garbage. Happily, my motive isn’t money. Never was, or I would do something else. My motive is to help, like with the gifting. Like what Donna does with the Vaccine thingy. There is no money in truly serving humanity, only getting a good boot in the teeth, eh Donna?

It’s why i disable comments on the stuff. The fake Christians, well-poisoners, and liars just load up and those whose hearts dad reaches get lost in the swarm of hate. Not worth the shite THAT SOURS THE MESSAGE AND PROOF.

Don’t mind taking out their dark portals of poison. Five years of heavy gifting, same thing, just on a deeper, heavier level. When I walk about downtown in our small valley, the satanic visitors just hiss and scowl. So, I avoid them. They have completely taken over so many nice places to be, wherever I go.

Now…enough whining and yes, I am grateful for my singular existence and banishment from the world and YT community. I chose this, F’d up as it is. Dad never promised me a rose garden, and at least, there are a few good souls, even if they take the occasional punch at my nose.

Still, people are getting the proof they need.

Very grateful for the beauty Dad puts in my path…takes my breath away. You are also looking at one of 3 entrances to a DUMB site at the lake in Ojai Valley

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