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Watching videos that the SATANIC NEPHILIM KNOWS will free you, they up the ionizing radiation on the

We are being punished for watching truth videos. For watching videos about Yeshua (Jesus) Christ. About anything that reveals the truths of Earth, eg Flat Plane not globe, chemtrails, fake moon landings because THERE IS NO SPACE as they brainwash us into believing. They hate us so much, they even make taking the path to free our lives and souls one of slowly being killed. They are THAT EVIL.

They do this by upping the ionizing radiation on our Smart ANYTHING.

The demonics use every vector to hurt us and destroy our minds and bodies, hopefully taking down our soul in the process. This is where you call upon the Holy Spirit to Deliver you from Evil, and also, as Christ brings this knowledge to your door, you can then protect and TEACH OTHERS about this and other topics you are awakened upon, freeing them also.