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 All the big IDENTITY POLITICS SITES like CFP and countless other stooge outfits for the satanic network are pushing voting this november. Really?

Did we learn nothing 2 years ago, when 81 million votes magically brought Sniffy and his doubles in the fake white house in Culver City. It also kept Tirdeau in office, Newsom, and dozens of others who everyone that votes, CLEARLY HATED AND DID NOT WANT IN OFFICE.

Are we as a people that naive and stupid, as it seems we are?

I am none. I see people getting overwhelming votes who are so loathed, their own dogs wouldn’t vote for them. But, if you want to do that and continue to pretend like the satanic cabal does, go right ahead.

In the meantime, this country is being burned down faster that a gas fire in an oil field.


Violent professional agitators ANTIFA break windows, and make a mess of the place that saps, er voters, are still taking the rap for.