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Violence by thugs towards police and citizens…sigh

summer is gone, depression season is beginning! When thugs shoot innocent people or police, the MSM and SJW gang of explainers and Mind Controllers always spin in the following way.

Black suspect : police brutality problem, race never mentioned in media
Muslim suspect : terrorist, poor migrant victim of life

white suspect : mentally ill, his race always mentioned on TV- the eternal boogie man of 2016 and beyond…

Mexican suspect : illegal immigration problem, again, poor migrant victim of life

If you are a normal, family loving, career minded tax payer or in law enforcement, NO ONE has your back anymore. You are on your own, in America. Anything goes wrong, you will always be labeled as a misogynistic pig retard who deserves to die anyway.  

Electing a psychotic killer who wants war with Russia is the definition of insanity or mental retardation