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Video Released of 60 Minutes Film Crew Being Attacked in Sweden byJihadi migrants

Notice how all the migrants are military aged men between 18 and 25…no women or children.


60 Minutes Australia finally aired its footage three weeks after an incident in which its film crew was attacked by a group of masked men in Sweden.
The crew was filming in the predominantly immigrant district of Rinkeby in the capital city of Stockholm. Immediately upon arriving they were confronted by a group of men in a car, who deliberately drove into the cameraman.
Lead correspondent Liz Hayes called the police, but even they were hesitant to follow them into the district. “I think it would be better if you go in without us,” a policeman bluntly tells Hayes.

At first things appear to be running smoothly, with the locals acting friendly towards the crew and giving their life stories. But after the police left, young men masking their faces ran up and began harassing them.

One of the men begins by throwing a large rock at the cameraman. The same man then kicks and throws a punch at the boom operator. A second man tries to rip a still photographer’s camera out of his hands.
The confrontation only ends when another migrant intervenes, driving his mobility scooter into the ringleader.