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At current count, 80 million people have received the covid19 vaccine.


At current count, 80 million people have received the covid19 vaccine. They do not realize, in the main, the following:

1. Their connection to the Holy Spirit is in dire jeopardy.

2. They’ve been Mrna changed into something inhuman, an abomination.

3. Their ability to perceive higher realities, finished. Only lower mind reasoning remains. For now. Each new shot and there are several required, removes more of your Adamic DNA and changes it into Nephilim DNA. Which is what they want – a world full of demonic skin-walkers with no soul. The Walking Dead TV show was predictive programming. It’s why the zombies were and are, identical to demonic rakes or windigos.

4. They will increasingly, with each passing day, find themselves susceptible to every flu, cold, you name it, that comes along.

5. It won’t save them. Because more shots and then the final fifth tattoo of the Mark on their hand.

6. They cannot hear or feel spirit. If they could at all to begin with.

The above is just the broad strokes of what these people have allowed either by coercion (can’t work in any medical or school setting, by MOTB laws) or eager complicity through ignorance.

Many are dying. This of course is being blamed on covid, not the vaccine they received. As we know, they commingle all deaths as covid deaths now. Doctors are not wonderful paragons of virtue. They know this vax is bullshit and the ones who do not know, are also dying from it, as has been demonstrated.\

What will you do? When your work tells you THAT YOU MUST HAVE IT OR YOUR FIRED? OR when they pass laws, which they are doing as I write, that forces all small businesses with 3 or employees to be vaccinated or lose their business license?

What about their plan and legislation pending in dozens of states restricting any and all travel in public conveyances to ONLY vaccinated souls? And as stated previously, by summer, not allowing the unvaccinated to go into ANY public place or business–especially gas stations or grocery stores?

Nurses are being told this as are all school children in California now. Poisoning and destroying millions of children’s lives in the process.

Which of course, will be blamed on covid.

Welcome to hell, Blofeld.


PS. I’m of the opinion that the people dying right off from the vaccine ARE those with a deep connection to Yeshua and the Holy Spirit. This is conjecture, but it’s what I SEE. Given the fact the the vaccine contains nephilim DNA (fact), that goes directly into the blood where our souls and the Holy Spirit resides, both cannot exist in the same place, for it is the abomination of desolation, when the unholy beast of Nimrod blood is now in your blood. Oil and water do not mix, neither do iron and clay. 

The above was written about in Revelations, Isaiah, Enoch, and Daniel. We, are the Holy Temple that our Heavenly Father resides in. From Yeshua’s sacrifice forward, the new covenant was WE BECOME THE TEMPLE. Your birth in Christ gives you your own ark of the covenant with His Spirit within you. All real Christians know this, for it is powerful, moves in around and through you, filling you with love, tenderness, forbearance, and humility. Among dozens of other virtues we then develop over our life. Hopefully and if we listen to that still small voice of our conscience and obey it complicity. 

One of the saddest parts of this all is, most people won’t even be aware that they are changing, because they are doing it piecemeal, in stages. By the time you get to that fifth shot, you won’t even be able to remember who you were or what you used to feel like. Because those perceptions will have been turned off. Remember the lecture Gates gave to the CIA, which I uploaded on this site, where he brags that they have worked out a DNA change to be used in a vaccine to turn off the God Part of the Brain, as many are reporting. They can no longer feel or hear God.


I pray you all do. For your sakes. No paycheck or whatever they do to us is worth the loss of  your soul. Nothing is worth that price. Nothing.