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vaccinated shedding spike protein that causes miscarriage and strange periods

 The spike protein doctors who oppose the shot have been warning us about for months causes miscarriage and permanent sterilization. The spike protein covid uses to infect cells resembles a spike protein used by humans to attach the placenta to the uterus wall. No placenta means no baby. The vaccine modified human’s DNA so their body rejects the spike protein. Doctors who oppose the vaccine have called it a leaky vaccine. That is why health officials say the vaccinated still need to wear masks. It only suppresses symptoms but allows the vaccinated to shed the virus and more powerful strains can grow inside them because it can grow as strong as it wants without killing its host. Now it turns out unvaccinated women are not safe. leftist women sterilizing themselves of their own free will but this causes miscarriages against women’s consent who don’t even vaccinated. So this is a threat to our entire species.

Thousands of unvaccinated women around the world are reporting miscarriages and the heaviest and most painful period of their life after being in close proximity with the recently vaccinated.

Is it normal to have 4 miscarriages in 2 months after 2 normal pregnancies and healthy births? Is it normal for a coworker to have one a week later? Is it normal for thousands of women to suddenly report having the heaviest periods of their life and miscarriages after coworkers get the shot? Is it normal for google’s search results tracker to show a sudden spike of women googling a condition where the lining of the uterus falls out when vaccines were rolled out? Is it normal for a woman to have a miscarriage and then see multiple coworkers around her have ones around the same time too?

Source is google search tracker and instagram account where a woman reported her 2 week long heavy period after her coworker was vaccinated and thousands of women responded and shared their stories from around the world.

This news article put everything together for easier reading. If you complain about the news source, please remind your brainlet self it is a logic fallacy to attack the source instead of the content and you are free to visit the instagram account link in the article and sift through thousands of women’s comments. Attacking the source also does not discredit the google search tracker you are free to look up for yourself to confirm pic related is real and that the spike in searches started when vaccines roll outs started.