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uwantson orgone site is now closed permanently…

And Omar, a local brother who has spent the last few months fine tuning his orgone making skills, has taken it over. This is a great blessing for him and for us all. As for myself, I am devoting all my energies to the work at hand, in these strange times in which we are all living in.

He has all my molds, crystals, everything. He knows how and what to do. Better still, his work has the added benefits of being pleasant and pleasing to the eye. Please check him out.


Omar is a quiet, gentle yet strong willed gentleman with deep respect for God, morals, tradition, quality, and doing things the way they’ve been proven to work therein the past. The son of a former Naval officer, he grew up understanding that life doesn’t work as well when you take shortcuts.

He feels very fortunate to have learned “enough,” from those who have set the roadways and mile markers before him, and while new to the “orgone community,” he’s been studying the human condition more or less his entire life quite intently; and now he pours his heart and blessings into making orgone- Doing it the very best he can.

His website is www.orgonesystems.com and he can be reached there via email, while orders can be placed easily by either a laptop or mobile device, with the site utilizing paypal links for fulfillment.