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UV Lamp post cover story

Wow…the load of lies in this media clip I snagged this morning says it all.

First, LEDs do not degrade into PURPLE LIGHT. UV light has to be a specific frequency that is hard coded and does NOT change. It also requires a specific kind of plasma to generate that is not in standard LED lights.

Second, calling it purple light does not hide anything except for the extremely dull witted; apparently dumbing down the children in the last 40 years is paying off. No one thinks, they just obey.

Third, UV light is harmful to the eyes, skin, clothing, etc. Saying it is good for the skin is the whopper of all whoppers.

Please send this far and wide. The few videos I put up on UV light have since gone viral. Good. You helped make that so. Thank you.

Share the cover story lie and the above or if you can, improved explanation of just why it is a TOTAL BAG OF DIRT LIES.