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Utility companies in California announce they are turning off power to entire counties DURING HEATWAVES to prevent “possible” Wildfires

This isn’t insanity. This is vicious cruelty and murder. many elderly people and those that are weak from illness cannot withstand triple digit temperatures and need AC to stay alive.

Power outages, not from overloaded circuits, but by management’s decision to hurt and make millions suffer. This over the last two days. More are coming.

In addition to mass murder, which they flat out are now putting into practice covering the HOTTEST COUNTIES DURING A SEVERE HEAT WAVE, they also are quadrupling gas prices as a form of punishment to those that use AC. That’s right. When it’s a 115 out, they hit you with massive bills, knowing you’ll have the AC on, no matter what.

And unlike the desert, the humidity here is thick, making it insanely sweltering.

Day before yesterday, at my home, it was 118 degrees outside in the shade and they turned off my power. Only me. No one else anywhere else. They did via Smart Meter. Now mind you I am two weeks away from a double surgery that at best, is pretty painful healing, as these things go. Our house became a furnace within a furnace. I dropped 3 pounds in weight. That and if I am connected to the internet and working on something, they keep turning off my computer. This is my life and go F yourself Don…okay, as someone has said recently, these posts are just whining. Maybe so. 99% of what comes to me in an ugly way, you folks never hear about.

The first day of the Thomas fire, they turned off the power in two counties: Santa Barbara and Ventura – just when people needed the power to see at night, open garage doors, you name it. What spread the fires were firemen, not the power lines, as I saw and reported on for 24 straight days.

Now, what they do to me, they are going to do to everyone. Of course, then people will care, will give a shite. Except of course for coven assets. I notice power outages don’t hit their houses on our hillside.

These satanic freaks are the worst kind of monsters. And tell, when ever did power lines ever start a fire, except in a severe wind storm? That’s the only time, and that is usually quickly put out. Why disable and hurt hundreds of thousands of square acres of land, just in case it “might” especially when there is no precedent?

So, Per Matthew 11 and 24, I ask on the name and blood of Yeshua, my KING, that any and all such activity as listed above be roundly punished and returned to them 1000 fold – as they give, let them receive. To high and low. To far and near. I ask and pray thee, my beloved Father, YHVH, that you honor, as you have promised and always kept that promise, to punish these vicious devils, as only you can judge truly, the righteous and the evil. Cast out their demons, free those enslaved so that the road to you, is open and filled with love. AMEN.

Don Bradley