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Understanding Genesis 6, as explained by Enoch and Jasher, in the days of Jared

Edited and improved by Don Bradley

Nephilim, offspring of the Watchers and Women of Cain bloodline. Original nephilim were 400 feet tall, but became smaller over time. In the days of Moses, their average height ranged between 18 to 35 feet.

The Nephilim were on the earth in those days and also after that, when the sons of YAHUAH ELOHIYM came in unto the daughters of men, and they bore children to them, the same became warriors and tyrants which were of ancient times, men of infamy. — Genesis 6:4
The unexplained Nephilim narrative originates in the book of Genesis, during the time of Noah. Readers are not provided with any defining details or with appropriate context as to just what Nephilim were. Readers are only instructed that sons of YAHUAH coupled with daughters of men, which curiously produced the renowned heroes of old.
But isn’t this a very strange anecdote in the preamble to the flood narrative? Why were Nephilim provided print just before one of the epic tales of Scripture? Why were these cryptic Nephilim people described as both heroes of old and men of renown? Surely, all this cannot be a coincidence. It is my contention that Scripture has been brilliantly diligent in its accuracy and historically precise in its application of text.
The ancient application to the appellation hero is not generally understood today in the same context that hero was applied and understood in ancient texts and thus, it is comprehended in a completely different connotation in the everyday life of the ancient epochs. The ancient recollection of heroes is more akin to our contemporary phenomena of superheroes, such as Superman and Spiderman. Indeed, these contemporary superheroes reflect allegories of forgotten secrets to epochs past, fond memories by some harkening back to an age of superhuman heroes. These contemporary cartoon characters eerily whisper something seductive, something secretive, and something sinister from the misty fog of prehistory that we dismiss at our peril.
Consider this: one definition provided by Webster’s New Format Dictionary (1986) defines hero as “a man of superhuman powers, a demigod.” If the original translation for hero then is applied to Genesis 6, we indeed have a cryptic enigma, in that a race of superhuman demigods is part of the flood narrative. Just as curious, and without explanation, all renowned men of antiquity were depicted as heroes that persistently and continuously bubbled to the surface from the murky depths of primeval history as part man and part god, reigning for long durations.

Chapter 2. The Daughters of Cain

Male and female created He them. YAHUAH ELOHIYM blessed them, and YAHUAH ELOHIYM said unto them, ‘Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moves upon the earth.’ Genesis 1:27–28

The Watchers on mt Hermon, creating nephilim by beguiling the women of Cain

Genesis records and what is does not record is puzzling, simply because if Cain and his progeny were indeed thoroughly corrupted, why would Scripture have diligently recorded for all time their accomplishments? Why wouldn’t Scripture only have focused on the righteous accomplishments of Seth’s progeny? Moreover, why would Scripture not have diligently recorded the iniquitous exploits of Cain’s posterity as a matter of theological and historical record for all generations to contemplate? We do not find the answers to these puzzling questions in the Biblical text.
Biblically undocumented transgressions by Cain’s descendants are then summarily drafted in standard Christian theology as the source for evil and violence. And thus they are seen as willing partners, who helped spawn the Nephilim race of giants-via the copulation of the degenerate daughters of Cain with the enlightened sons of Seth. But since Genesis does not explicitly cite this either, this conclusion is nothing more than conjecture, unless other sources can substantiate it.
Indeed, there are other sources that we can look to in establishing that Cain’s progeny were a corrupt and vile branch of Adam’s posterity, who were willing participants in violating the sacred laws of YAHUAH’s Creation. We can also find out just who the sons of YAHUAH were.
Let us begin with summarizing Genesis’s account of the posterity of Cain. Cain bore a son, Enoch, and Cain named the city he built after him. Enoch bore Irad, who bore Mehujael, who bore Methushal, who was the father of Lamech. Lamech married two women, Adah and Zillah, and was thereby pronounced the first polygamist, a violation of the law that the Nephilim would later prize as a cornerstone of their rebellious culture. Adah gave birth to Jabal, the first nomad who raised livestock. Adah also gave birth to another son, Jubal, the first to create the art of music. The second wife, Zillah, bore one son, Tubal-Cain, who was credited with inventing smithcraft. Zillah also bore a daughter named Naamah, but Genesis does not accredit Naamah with inventing anything.
The account of Cain’s progeny ends with Lamech, stating he killed a man for wounding him, and that if his ancestor Cain was sentenced to suffer seven times over, then he would be judged to suffer seventy-seven times over.
Although this account does provide some transgressions, such as the polygamy of Lamech and the killing of a man by Lamech, compounded by the sin of murder by Lamech’s ancestor Cain, it does not establish requisite groundwork for the level of violence and corruption compiled by the tenth generation, particularly when one considers the sons and daughters of Lamech form the sixth generation. And as I have already noted, the erosion of righteousness took hold during the first seven generations, when it gripped the posterity of Seth, corrupting the righteous branch almost completely by the tenth generation. Therefore, something more must have been taking place in the lineage of Cain to so corrupt his posterity, in addition to crossing the genealogical branches of Cain and Seth, or another outside source must have been at work as the source of this corruption. Cain was thought to have traveled over many countries with his wife, finally establishing a city he named Nod, where he and his wife settled and had children.
Louis Ginzberg, author of Legends of the Bible, notes that Cain built monuments to immortalize his name, as well as sixty cities, all with walls, thereby suggesting military fortresses. Josephus interjects that Cain did not accept judgment or punishment from YAHUAH for murdering Abel. Cain did not repent but rather increased his transgressions and wickedness, procuring everything for his own pleasure, even though it obliged him to be injurious to his neighbors. Cain became wealthy through plundering his neighbors with violence and robbing them of all that he could pillage. Cain further urged his followers to do the same; he became a great leader of men, leading them into wickedness. Who were these plundering hordes led by Cain? Where did they come from?
Josephus wrote that Cain introduced weights and measures into the world, where before the introduction of this system, humankind lived innocently and generously. Cain led humans from innocence into cunning craftiness, where all things were weighed and measured. He established boundaries for all lands and established many cities with fortified walls, naming one Enoch after his eldest son. Ginzberg suggests that Cain sinned to secure his own pleasure, even though he severely injured his neighbors. Cain was likely one of the proponents for violence and war in the antediluvian world. Josephus and Ginzberg both label Cain as the father of evil, violence, and corruption. These accounts stray significantly from the Genesis account, where Cain was not overtly charged with corrupting the antediluvian world. It was implied so subtly that one may wish to look closer at Cain for impropriety. With Cain planting these kinds of seeds in just the second generation, it is not difficult to conceive the entire antediluvian world, other than the lineage of Seth, being totally corrupted by the sixth generation, with Seth’s posterity being completely corrupted by Cain’s descendants from the seventh to the tenth generations and after the Nephilim incident. With the arrival of Lamech, however, antediluvian life became interesting. Josephus recorded, just as the author of Genesis recorded, that Lamech became the first recorded polygamist, marrying both Zillah and Adah. Altogether, they procreated seventy-seven children. Lamech was also noted as being very skilled in the art of divine revelation. Of those seventy-seven children, three were noteworthy by Josephus’s standards.
Jubal, son of Adah, specialized in music, inventing musical instruments. Tubal-Cain, son of Zillah, exceeded all other men in strength and excelled in the martial arts, foreshadowing characteristics of the Nephilim. Josephus noted Tubal-Cain as procuring the pleasures of the body through his natural attributes, again foreshadowing another characteristic of the Nephilim. No doubt, Tubal-Cain also inherited and embellished all the sins and corruption of his forefather Cain, as witnessed by his name. Josephus then credits Tubal-Cain with inventing the art of manufacturing brass. Nelson’s Bible Dictionary defines Cain as meaning “a metal worker,” thereby attributing Tubal to being his first name, and Cain denoting his expertise, just as his forefather must have been some form of metalworker or smith. The third distinguished progeny was the daughter of Zillah, Naamah, meaning “pleasant.” Josephus does not credit anything special to Naamah, but again, to be noted in the Bible, one must be worthy of either good or evil.
Josephus went on to strike deep into the character of Cain’s posterity: Even while Adam was still alive, it came to pass that the posterity of Cain became exceedingly wicked, everyone successfully dying, one after another, more wicked than the former. They were intolerable in war, and vehement in robberies; and if anyone was slow to murder people, yet was he bold in his immoral behavior, in acting unjustly, and doing injuries for gain.
They were, indeed, their father’s sons and daughters. Corroborating evidence from non-Biblical sources more than fills in the blanks left by Genesis. Josephus described Cain’s posterity as despicable to the bone—a vile branch that degenerated into more iniquity with each passing generation.
By the sixth generation, Cain’s rebellious posterity was a human cesspool, looking to spawn a great evil into the antediluvian world. And of course, they succeeded. But before we continue with that, it is time to enter the Freemasonry Brotherhood and its legends into the mystery.
The Dowland Manuscript of the Legend of the Craft lists the Seven Liberal Sciences: “Grammere” to teach humankind to both speak and write truly; “Rhethoricke” to teach humankind to speak in subtle terms; “Dialectyke” to teach humankind to discern between truth and falsehoods; “Arithmeticke” to teach humankind to compute all manner of numbers; “Geometrie” to teach humankind to measure the earth and all things (this is the Science of Masonry); “Musicke” to teach humankind song and the language of musical instruments; and finally, “Astronomye” to teach humankind the course of the planets and stars. 18 Rhetoric’s original state was the art of persuasion, while grammar was the molding and education of men through reading.
Note how several of these sciences were unexplainably credited to Lamech’s children in Genesis and Josephus.

Chapter 3: The Sons of God

Michael…always faithful, always ready

Then the immortal Spirit of YAHUAH was transplanted into a new race of humankind via the fallen angels. YAHUAH then intervened against this perversion to the natural order of creation by restricting the life span of all forms of humankind to 120 years, including the future posterity of the fallen angels and Nephilim. The Qur’an confirms that YAHUAH, indeed, did intercede to limit all life spans of this world to a fixed time.
From that point on, when: “YAHUAH said, ‘My RUACH will not contend with man forever, for he is mortal {or he is corrupt}; his days will be a hundred and twenty years” (Genesis 6:3), the original Nephilim were permitted to have children, but the children were strictly beings of the flesh and not of the spirit as the parents were. Before YAHUAH introduced this edict, it was not uncommon for the descendants of Adam through the Seth branch to live for 300 to 800 years. But then the rebellious angels procreated a race of giants that would live forever, like gods. It is a fantastic notion to believe that angels could produce offspring in cooperation with human females, let alone that they could pass on the inheritance of their immortal spirit through their procreation, but it is factual, just as the Bible testifies.
One can quickly appreciate the anger YAHUAH must have had to pacify, punish, and imprison those fallen angels for attempting to circumvent the natural order and mortal process of creation, where humankind is destined to endure for a time in order to achieve immortality. Consider the words from the book of Enoch the Righteous: “… and now, giants, offspring of spirit and flesh, will be called spirits on earth, and the earth shall be their dwelling. Their bodies emitted evil spirits because they were born from human women and holy Watchers.”

Chapter 4: The Giants of Antiquity

Demons, principalities of darkness, the source of evil on earth. then and now

We must be clear on this point. Nephilim were giants. The Bible, the Apocrypha, Josephus, the Gnostic gospels, and a myriad of other sources, all testify to the same. These giants, did indeed have a large impact on the evolution of both the antediluvian and postdiluvian worlds, but before we dig deeper into their legacy in ancient history, let us first quantify just what we mean by giants so as to better understand who these monsters were.
Their size was staggering. Goliath—I will later link Goliath to the Nephilim—was affirmed to be over nine feet tall. That would be four feet taller than the average height of a person of that time, or almost twice as tall! Iris Freelander, an ordained minister, who holds hold degrees in psychology and theology, notes that depending on which Bible scholar tells the Goliath narrative, he was anywhere from eight and a half feet to thirteen and a half feet tall. In antiquarian measurements, Goliath’s height was six cubits and one span. A cubit was either a common eighteen inches or twenty-one royal inches, while a span was nine inches. This then tallied Goliath’s height at nine feet, nine inches on the common measure, but because Goliath was of royal Nephilim bloodlines, one could argue Goliath’s true height at eleven feet, three inches. That calculation would align perfectly with an account from the time of Alexander, where a conversation between Midas and Silenus noted Titans grew to twice the size of humans and lived twice as long.
King Og of the Amorites owned a bed that was more than thirteen feet long and six feet wide, requiring him to be at least nine feet tall, and even up to twelve to thirteen feet tall. Og was described in legend as being of such immense size that waters only lapped at his ankles. All of Og’s beds and furniture were made from iron, for his weight would crush any furniture made of wood. We can only speculate as to what size some giants may have grown to or even how large the pure original offspring might have been, before they intermingled with humankind, diluting their size and strength throughout the generations.

Chapter 5: The Schism of Antediluvian Freemasonry

Freemasonry is actually taking the patsy fall for evil in our time, the truth is actually hidden by the satanic high priestesses of the covens and grottoes

The Encyclopedia Americana described the giant rebellion as a struggle against the “order of creation,” against the gods (“God”). It is this obscure, ancient, antediluvian mysticism that has been reborn in our generation, to a frightful level of hidden authority and power, breathing new life to The Genesis 6 Conspiracy.
Let us once more fall back to the Legends of the Craft preserved by the Masonic Brotherhood. As we learned in chapter two, the Seven Sacred Sciences taught to Adam by YAHUAH in Eden were passed onto both Seth and Cain. Cain grew to be a hater of the true YAHUAH, living in total defiance, rebelling against YAHUAH, and corrupting, along with his descendants, all the Sacred Sciences.
Cain’s posterity polluted these Sacred Sciences with idolatry and mysticism, applying the knowledge for their own impious agendas. It was this corruption of divine knowledge mixed with pantheism that was then intermingled with the offspring of angels, which formed the axis of The Genesis 6 Conspiracy. Nephilim were sprinkled throughout the antediluvian world, with superior size and strength to enforce the new, mystical state religion. Nephilim combined their power with idolatrous pantheism, which left no restrictions on the application of their power, both physical and abstract.
As I mentioned the divine knowledge of the Seven Sciences was passed on to both Cain and Seth. This was the antediluvian split, known as “the Schism of Freemasonry,” according to Dr. Oliver and the Oliverian Theory, recognized as the “pure” and the “spurious.” This schism of antediluvian Freemasonry can be more easily understood as the wedge splitting monotheism away from spurious, mystical polytheism.
Webster’s New Compact Format Dictionary defines spurious as “bastard, illegitimate, not genuine, sham, forged, simulating, but essentially different.” And this is exactly what took place. Masonry practiced by the descendants of Cain right up until the flood was the bastard form of the divine knowledge, practiced in a manner that simulated the pure form but was intrinsically different at the core. Masonry, as Dr. Oliver continues, was a relic from idolatrous mysteries embedded in the antediluvian schism, descending from the spurious branch of the Seven Sciences.

Chapter 6: Enoch & Hermes

Thoth was the keeper of the magical arts that made him the Master of the gods, the one who revealed all knowledge of the Seven Sacred Sciences and religion to humankind. Thoth was the one who transmitted mystical secrets to his obscure followers, members of a reticent Snake Order we will examine later. Thoth, too, was regarded to be the deity credited with being the god of wisdom, the inventor of letters and writing. Thoth was transformed into a god through wisdom. We know also from other sources that Thoth invented hieroglyphs and was the one who brought science, geometry, and architecture to humankind.
Thoth was further celebrated as the Greek Hermes. The Greeks and Romans identified Hermes with their pantheistic god Mercury. Mercury was the patron deity of learning, the chosen scribe for the plethora of gods. He served as their ordained messenger, again consistent with that of Enoch’s responsibilities. Mercury was the son of Zeus (Jupiter) and Maia; Mercury also was attributed with the invention of writing. In addition, Mercury signed sentences onto the souls of the dead.
Unger’s recites a similar version, conceding Hermes was Mercury and that Hermes was the son of the god Zeus and the (Nephilim) daughter of Atlas, a person named Naiad. Unger’s further claims Hermes wore winged sandals (eerily identical to medical snake motifs), as well as wings on his hat, all the while being a guide for the dead into the underworld.
Even though Enoch was rendered to be Hermes/Thoth among the Egyptians and Mercury was Enoch’s appellation among the Greeks, Enoch was also known as Hermes among the Greeks. The Greeks, interestingly enough, identified their Hermes/Mercury with Thoth/Hermes of Egypt, believing he built the pyramids in Egypt.
Adding to Enoch’s alternative reputation, the mystical Hebrews, according to Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy, who co-wrote The Hermetica, The Lost Wisdom of the Pharaohs, referred to Enoch as Idris. The Phoenicians knew Enoch as Thaut, which is very close to the Egyptian Taut or Thoth, while the Arabians knew Enoch as Edris.

Chapter 7: Enoch the Evil

The only so-called non-canonical books of the bible, but yet referenced with the Bible by even Yeshua himself, are Macabees, Jasher, 1 Enoch, honest and true tellings. All the others are spurious Gnostic fictions thrown in after the 2nd century to muddy the waters regarding “lost books of the bible” Only trust those missing books – thanks to the Catholics for that little satanic move – that are directly referred to in YHVH’s Holy Word. These three books were removed because it exposed the TRUE problem of evil, and the satanic preists removed these books. During the inquisition, being caught with these books meant disembowelment.

Enoch invented writing, according to Mackey, to employ the secretive, sacred symbols, known only to the selected elite, as a vehicle to transmit the sacred truths and Mysteries in a way that was free from discovery by the masses not considered worthy enough to learn about those sacred truths and mysteries. It was the Mysteries that Enoch was associated with that are of important value.
With hieroglyphs, Enoch recorded all the sciences of the spurious branch into great books, while building nine subterranean vaults to protect the wisdom from the looming deluge. Enoch is even credited by Adrian Gilbert with the building of the Great Pyramids to preserve this corrupted antediluvian knowledge. In addition, Egyptians owe their origins (and hieroglyphics) to Hermes Trismegistus. Furthermore, Hermes was thought to have founded the ancient Egyptian city of Hermopolis, the home of the infamous Great White Brotherhood, which we will discuss in detail later. Enoch was attributed with the building of the first antediluvian ziggurats in Sumeria. Enoch was also renowned in lore to be the first real builder of cities, after the spirit of Cain. Enoch then, was the first Master Mason.
All this suggests that the antediluvian Enoch was the first sponsor of preparation for the deluge. He saved the corrupted ancient knowledge through hieroglyphs and secret storage houses for the spurious knowledge, which were then further enhanced by the children of Lamech and eventually found by Hermes after the flood. The nine hidden vaults were believed to be subterranean vaults stacked one on top of the other, while one of the two famous Pillars of Lamech was manufactured out of marble so that it would never burn and the second out of laterus, some type of brick, so that it would not sink. The pillar of brick had inscribed on it the seven spurious sciences, while the pillar of marble had inscribed on it directions to find the nine vaults.

Chapter 8: Royal Bloodlines

The bloodlines

Acknowledging the Bible documented distinct genealogies descending from Adam through Cain and Seth, as well as acknowledging the Bible documented an additional race of Nephilim inserted into creation by dark angels, and further opening your thinking to the notion that perhaps Genesis subtly suggests differences in appearance between Cain and Seth are primary principles for discerning: how and why two distinct religious belief systems following two distinct gods emerged. However, this contrarian hypothesis should not be interpreted as a ploy in any way to summarily denigrate or stigmatize any race or people of different skin colors; nor should this contrarian hypothesis in any way be applied to summarily judge or condemn any individuals, or groups of people, simply because they may carry genetic traces of DNA and or bloodlines descending from Cain, Nephilim, or any other race I will refer to in this book. I do not believe the YAHUAH Most High summarily judges anyone based on genetics; we are all judged in the same equal manner on what we do and what we believe; through our free choice to choose YAHUAH or not. Nor is it my place to tread on the turf of the Divine to summarily judge, even if I disagree with the actions of others; only YAHUAH judges. I leave that to Him.
Conversely though, and as a primary principle, we must understand that duplicitous, secretive Snake Brotherhoods and their descending genitive secret societies do disingenuously employ genetic distinctions. Alleged genetic distinctions, in these rival belief systems are reserved for only the rich and powerful; the elite; the Adepts of those secret societies. Therefore I will build upon throughout this book the distinctions the selected elite of secret societies endorse regarding Cain, what they believe are their genetic connections linking them back to Cain and Nephilim, as well as building on the notion that Day 6 and the creation of Adam were two separate events.
Freemasonry believes the antediluvian people were highly advanced in the Seven Sacred Sciences. Freemasons resolutely believe that when humans abandoned their nomadic lifestyle (people of day six, which Cain likely married into), they formed builder associations to erect monuments and buildings to worship their gods, and architecture transformed into an art that demanded exacting science and knowledge.

Chapter 9: Antediluvian Masonry & the Seven Sacred Sciences

The satanic alphabet of lesser keys of Solomon

According to the Craft Legends, one must conclude that all the pantheistic religions grew out of the spurious form of masonry, either from the Chaldeans or the Egyptians. Furthermore, the religious doctrine of all the pantheistic religions is essentially the same. Alford wrote concerning the Mysteries of Egypt, India, Greece, and Rome, which were believed all to be founded on the same sun god allegories (from Enoch the Evil’s sun worshiping mysticism).
Included in the spurious Masonry honor role, although modern Masons view them as pure Masons, are the Chaldeans, Magi, soothsayers, and astrologers of Babylon. The spurious honor roll further includes the priests of Egypt, the Greek and Roman philosophers, the Brahmins and the gymnosophists of India, and the Druids and bards of both Briton and Gaul. Modern Masons attribute the great discoveries in astronomy, chemistry, and mechanics to these various religious groups, due to their disciplines in the alleged pure science. This esteemed list of numinous curators co-opted their corrupted knowledge to spin off all the pantheistic religions and spurious sciences of times past and present, inclusive of the alchemy influence, an offshoot of masonry, which adopted Hermes as its patron saint.
So how does the founding of polytheist religions relate to modern masonry? Well, Dr. Oliver stated that modern masonry is a relic of the idolatrous Mysteries. Modern German, British, and French scholars traced masonry back to the mysteries of paganism, finding it was polluted with idolatry. Modern masonry derived its murky initiation ceremonies from pagan mysticism. It is nothing more than an Egyptian religion. And finally, as you will recall, modern Freemasonry is not based in architecture or geometry, but it is immersed in the moral and spiritual tenets and ceremonial rituals.
Modern Freemasonry is not just a benevolent, philosophical movement. It is not merely a benign institution, where members are taught to develop their character and altruistic instincts through a series of catechisms and ritual dramas. Quite frankly, Freemasonry is the very same ghostly belief system that caused the deluge. It is the same shadowy Snake Brotherhood that will once more bring about worldwide catastrophe, only this time by fire, at Armageddon.

Chapter 10: Enochian Mysticism

black magic of old, now again in use as in the days of Noah

It is the Hermes form of mysticism that is referred to when modern masonry is stated to be rooted in pagan Mysteries that include religious rituals and ceremonies. Those rituals and ceremonies included secret worship that was branded as the Mysteries or mysticism. Craft legends demonstrate that Freemasonry believes mysticism was thought to have been invented in Egypt, but this is simple confusion. Hermes first invented the renewed form of mysticism at Babel and then carried it off with him to Egypt, where it took on a slightly different style of mysticism than that of the Chaldeans, but Hermes was the father of both.
Egyptian mysticism was famous for its secret ceremonies and rituals that were designed to teach doctrines to lead believers into Sabaism, the worshiping of the sun, moon, and stars, the religion of Enoch the Evil. The secret doctrines, knowledge, and gods were known only by the Secret Snake Order. Romans and Greeks did exactly the same. This was very common in all the polytheistic religions from those in India to the Druids.
Druids cultivated arcane knowledge and sacred wisdom; they were central to their Celtic education. Druid is thought to have derived from dar, meaning “oak,” and uid, meaning “hidden, concealed, secret, or illicit knowledge from creation.” Like Hermes, Druids interceded as religious officials between this world and the gods; they received and held knowledge of the past, present, and future, acting as guardians for the Celtic tradition and knowledge. This is the reason Dr. Oliver states that masonry was engaged in communicating abstruse doctrines of religion and philosophy.
Secrecy was the key to those religions. Secret worship was called mysticism. Religious truths were, and are, concealed within the secret rituals and ceremonies, guarding them from common inspection. They were, and are, only taught in secret societies, known only to the initiates. Not only was secretive knowledge taught within the confines of these secret societies, the elite would also worship in secret, separate from the lower-level initiates, with even more secretive rituals to the pantheon of gods that sponsored those corrupt religions. The secrets were required to be housed in secret societies to teach only the elite, for the knowledge contained within the heart of the religion was considered improper to be taught to, or known by, the masses or lower initiates. Secret societies, and societies within societies, were, and are, Enoch’s ancient style of mysticism.

Chapter 11: The Great Deluge

Not men drowning, but nephilim and chimeras, offspring of the seed of Satan, wiped from the face of the earth. The flood was actually a blessing to mankind, it saved it from final extinction.

It is not difficult to believe Nephilim overreached in viewing themselves as earthly gods, given the great size and strength that these giants must have possessed, pitted against the average size of a man of that time, in addition to their immortal spirits. Nephilim were easily capable of dominating life at that time, and every form of cultural structure by force. Ergo, they became the leaders of the ancient world, systematically enslaving the peoples and imposing their wills and ways upon them, which would have included the introduction of new gods. These very large and powerful beings became the potentates of old. Their power and influence would so dominate the antediluvian period that as a consequence, the greatest catastrophe ever to strike the earth in that age would be poured out onto the earth. They were, according to the Biblical scholar J. R. Porter, the “mighty men of old” that became the embodiment of “absolute power” of the ancient world.
Even though Baruch recorded this race of giants was skilled in the art of war and intimidation, as taught to them by Azazel, their fate was always sealed from the beginning. YAHUAH did not choose this race for Himself, and therefore, He withheld the true ways of knowledge and wisdom from them. The Nephilim had power deriving from their strength but not from their intelligence. They lacked the required wisdom and insight to avert catastrophe and rule wisely and justly. As a result, they were easily led into open rebellion against YAHUAH by their procreators. Forbidden knowledge from the corrupted Cainites that collaborated with the Nephilim served only as an accelerator on their journey into destruction. Nephilim plunged headlong into destruction but did not have the wisdom to save themselves. The combined evil of their legacy, along with what Unger’s calls the unnatural union violating YAHUAH’s divinely created natural orders of being, was of such shocking abnormality as to necessitate the worldwide divine judgment, remembered as the flood.
YAHUAH, however, did not simply summarily judge and condemn those evil giants and all humankind. Through the righteousness of Noah, He delivered an olive branch to those demigods. As per the accounts of Josephus, Noah toiled to persuade those brutal potentates to change their ways and honor YAHUAH as the true God of everything. The Qur’an records that Noah was sent as a messenger and a prophet of YAHUAH to warn the antediluvians to worship only YAHUAH and no other gods, to repent of their evils ways or a face the wrath and destruction of a fearsome day to come. The interrelationship between Noah and the Nephilim is rich in its detail and intriguing in its nature.

Chapter 12: Azazel: Leader of the Watchers

Baphomet, the abortion of Lucifer as blended by doctrines of Evil and Darkness

Archons were referred to in The Hypostasis of the Archons as rulers of unrighteousness, again testifying to those angels as being fallen angels, the celestial Mafia. These unholy rulers called themselves gods, and they impiously lusted to create sons like YAHUAH. They, of course, are the false gods of polytheism and the false gods the Bible speaks of. In fact, one ruler in particular, Sacla, called himself the god of the forces of Saboith, or Sabaism, the cult of the stars and the planets and the antediluvian religion of Enoch the Evil.
Just as in the varied legends of pantheism, such as the Atrihasis Epic of Mesopotamia, those unrighteous rulers were mythologized as gathering together to plot the destruction of humankind, after humankind began to multiply and just as Genesis recorded, through a cataclysm known all too well as the flood. Enoch cited this gathering of apocalyptic angels as the beckoning of YAHUAH to do His will. Only Noah, according to the Gnostic gospels, was spared through the heroic efforts of an archon known as the ruler of the forces, likely Sacla, but this warning by an archon was likely delivered to one of his progeny, a Nephilim, or a selected survivor from the people of day six, rather than to Noah. Noah was warned, but he was warned by YAHUAH and not an archon.
Likely the most infamous of the watchers was/were Azazel and/or Shemyaza, the chief watcher(s). They were the leaders of the 200 and were the original one or two angels to ask permission from YAHUAH to dwell among the humans, according to Knight and Lomas. It was Azazel who was charged, according to the book of Enoch (of Seth, not Cain), with teaching humankind the skills of war, the art of jewelry, and all forms of conceit and arrogance. The exact same charge was recorded in War in Heaven, The Book of Megadriel. Azazel was also charged with teaching the arts of jewelry, make-up, metalwork, and medicine, along with promiscuity and illicit sexual pleasure.

Chapter 13: Lucifer’s Revenge

This, then, elucidates why YAHUSHA visited the imprisoned fallen angels in the Abyss. YAHUSHA went as proof and Judge that humankind, through YAHUSHA, would, indeed, rise to a higher authority than angels. He bore witness to the impassioned fallen angels that the end had now already been written, even though the fallen angels will be released in the last days to reap havoc upon the earth with the Antimashiach and False Prophet. All that is left for the fallen angels is to ensure that as few as saints as possible reach salvation.
Continuing, Satan grew very jealous of Adam, causing Michael to order Satan to bow down, but Satan refused. Satan refused to pay homage before a creature made of dust, and a mammal at that. The Qur’an noted Iblis’s refusal to bow to Adam in several of its scriptures, noting that Satan, a being of fire, would not worship a mortal made of clay. Satan was then banished from heaven but was provided respite from the fires of hell by YAHUAH until judgment day so that he could lead as many humans astray as possible. Iblis was noted as one of the disobedient ones, indeed, suggesting others followed Iblis out of heaven to plot their poorly planned revenge against the descendants of Adam.
Satan grew so jealous, according to Gonzales-Wipper, that he plotted Adam’s destruction with ferocious cunning, as Satan’s first revenge. YAHUAH accused Satan, in the Qur’an, to be the sworn enemy and the deceiver of humankind, which was further underscored by Satan’s refusal to bow down to Adam. Thus, in the literature of author William Young, creation was then broken (by Satan) through humankind’s free choice, the choice to seek knowledge through independence, separate and away from YAHUAH, Satan’s first revenge.
Satan, the seraphim, serpent-like cherub, employed a snake to trick Eve and Adam through Eve, through consuming the forbidden fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil so that they could become like gods. The Qur’an additionally notes Satan fooled Adam and Eve through persuading them that YAHUAH was deliberately preventing them from becoming immortal, like other beings, such as angels and YAHUAH Himself.