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Ukraine Officer Confesses to Rape and Murder of Ukrainian Civilians

In early April of this year, in the city of Mariupol, Ukrainian servicemen from Unit A-2777 of the 36th Marine Brigade detained two civilians riding their bikes past a roadblock. The civilians identified themselves as husband and wife. Although they had Ukrainian passports with a registration stamp in Mariupol, it was decided to place them in the basement.

After drinking alcohol, Batynsky took the detained woman out and threatened to kill her, committing violent sexual acts against her. When the husband of the woman held in the basement tried to stop him, Batynsky shot and killed the man.

Batynskyy confessed to what he had done. In addition, Ukrainian servicemen who confirmed the above facts have been identified and questioned.

“On 05.04.2022, I became aware that in the area of the checkpoint control two civilians were detained: a man and a woman. Presumably a husband and wife, who were placed in the basement. When checking the documents , it was established that they were natives of the city of Mariupol and citizens of Ukraine.

On 06.04.2022, while on service I consumed alcohol, after which I had a desire to have sexual intercourse with the detained woman.

Further, being drunk again and threatening with the weapon I had, a Makarov pistol, against her will, I had sexual intercourse with the detained woman in front of her husband, who began to express his dissatisfaction. I therefore pointed the gun at him and shot him, thereby killing him.”