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UK begins Covid vaccine shots…

Very few know this, but in December 2019, all Chicom citizens HAD to be vaccinated by the witches sabbath of Yule, 12-21-19. Weeks later, chicoms started dropping like flies.

It was a vaccine, not an airborne virus.

It’s legit.

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I’m not taking that dangerous deadly vaccine. There is a reason they are ‘selling’ it so much. Pushing it because it’s bad. If it was a good thing, no promotion is necessary.

There was a dem proposal to tie it to a $1500 stimulus direct payment. That tells you everything you need to know to avoid this vaccine like the plague. BTW, the Wuhan virus has already mutated. You’d need a new DIFFERENT injection monthly for it to be effective.

Same as the flu shot – DIFFERENT every year and only 20% effective but big pharma gets rich putting shit in your body. Good for big pharma bank accounts, bad for everybody else.

Eat well, trust your immune system and get a little exercise in the sun everyday or supplement with vit. D if you can’t get in the sun (winter). You’ll be good to go.