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UCSB Isla Vista shooting (Monarch kid Elliot Rodgers)

Like the Isla Vista Massacre a few years back at this school (UCSB), once again monarch programming, the satanic coven network, has used this school to promote a gun control agenda at the expense of 7 lives and an increased surveillance police state presence.

Once again, the same OPERATION JEREMY patterns

  • A loner
  • A virgin
  • A son of a hollywood director
  • Under psychiatric care
  • A white male
  • Keeps to himself

The network shills will tell you it’s anti-depressants that are the cause. This is a red-herring, to get you looking the other way, and is a common well-poisoning tactic as a so-called “truther” ploy. The media will play up the script: the list above and all the ready-to-go “friends” that will out him as a quiet guy, strange, kept to himself, et al.

This is about an ongoing CIA operation with the collusion of the satanic network to get control–no matter on what level (federal, state, county, city, hamlet) so that their martial law plans for this country meet without any armed resistance.

This is about Monarch mind control and programming. This is about multi-generational satanic covens and families, ever ready and willing to sacrifice their own for power, wealth and fame.

This is about human sacrifice on a national level to achieve national goals and agendas for slavery.

The blood is real. The dead are real.

The boy will be painted as some kind of dazed and confused alienated person who took his rage out on women. Any MSM presentation will be scripted to follow the same old programming and agenda.

Why is it that ALL OF THESE shootings are ONLY at public schools and NEVER PRIVATE SCHOOLS? WHY?