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Truth behind chemo: ‘These drugs were derived from WWI chemicals’

rominent alternative cancer doctor Nicholas Gonzalez had been a dedicated supporter of medical freedom and informed consent long before his untimely death at the age of 67. Despite all the criticisms he received over the years, he remained staunch in his beliefs. Notwithstanding his resolve, however, he never tried to force anyone to accept his therapy over standard medical treatments, such as surgery, chemotherapy or radiation.
Gonzalez believed that cancer is caused by a combination of poor diet, environmental pollution and daily stress. This condition gets aggravated even more when one does not eat meals that correspond with one’s metabolic type. The Gonzalez regimen proposes the use of oral pancreatic enzymes, large numbers of dietary supplements and coffee enemas.

In exclusive, never before seen footage, Natural News contributor Jonathan Landsman reveals a “lost” interview with the late Dr. Gonzalez. The interview reveals mind-blowing information about the failure and disadvantages of chemotherapy, as opposed to the positive health benefits of holistic approaches to cancer.
Dr. Gonzalez, in the interview, further reveals to Landsman, host of NaturalHealth365, that “the single most important determinant as to how a patient does whatever they choose to do … is their belief system.”
He even reveals the unspeakable history of chemotherapy, including these truths:
“During WWII, the Department of Defense had all these stock piles of nerve gas from WWI and they weren’t using them in WWII. And someone at the Department of Defense had this brilliant idea to try and convert this nerve gas into useful therapeutic modalities.
“Very few people realize the whole generation of chemotherapeutic drugs that are being used today – and there are over 100 of them – really developed from poisonous nerve gas developed for warfare.”
If you want to learn more shocking truths about the cancer industry, click here to watch the full interview with Dr. Gonzalez.