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Trusting liars for the Russia war truth? Seriously?

A few weeks ago everything and every conversation could be tied to Covid hoax or the death weapon. Now suddenly every single conversation and topic is related to Russia or Putin,

I was at a store and someone’s card was declined, and they said, with absolute seriousness, “must be Putin and the Russians.” I laughed thinking they were joking. They weren’t.

The trucker silliness was the Canadian version of the January 6 psyop/false flag. It literally gave our rulers an excuse to label people as terrorists; which is what they’ve been calling white people since the Obummer dayz…

What happens when 72% of the population are labeled terrorists? They hunt you down and kill you.

Remember what they did to us. Remember what they took from you.

Always remember: they literally want you dead.

You want nukes? You’ll get them. But it will be our OWN government who does it do you. I know. Our Father revealed this to me in 2005. As previously published.


Los Angeles Basin…destroyed by our own Canaanites.
Snargloid reveals who is really controlling this country.