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Trump ends another war

President Donald John Trump ordered the Pentagon to bring home 700 U.S. troops from Somalia. The Wall Street Journal reported, “The conflict in Somalia, while small in terms of the number of U.S. troops deployed, has been among the longest-running conflicts in U.S. history. American forces landed in the famine-wracked country in 1992 on a humanitarian mission, then left in 1994 after the infamous Black Hawk Down battle in the streets of Mogadishu left 18 Army Rangers, Delta Force operators and other U.S. troops dead.

“An outbreak of high-seas piracy in the Gulf of Aden and Indian Ocean drew renewed U.S. intervention. The chaos spawned al-Shabaab’s rise, and the militants at one point controlled the capital.

“Following the initial troop deployment in 2007, then-President Obama increased the number of airstrikes against al-Shabaab targets. Mr. Trump escalated the U.S. commitment further with additional commando teams and intensified air raids.”

I never understood this war, which saw U.S. soldiers dragged through the streets of Mogadishu. What exactly was our purpose in butting in on a civil war? 

Democrats used the war to stuff white bread Minnesota with African refugees. Republicans never objected for fear of being called racist. The anti-American racist Congresswoman Ihlan Omar thanks Republicans for her election.

The New York Times reported, “President Trump, pressing his end-of-term troop withdrawals from conflicts around the world, will pull American forces out of Somalia, where they have been trying to push back advances by Islamist insurgents in the Horn of Africa.”

Wait a second.

I thought the Orange Man was Islamophobic while Bush and Obama loved Muslims.

And yet he’s ending their wars against Muslims in Afghanistan and now Somalia, as well as bringing home troops from another Muslim country, Iraq. 

Lefties promise us peace, get us in wars.

The bad guys, according to the American press, are the Shabaab.

The Times reported, “Mr. Trump’s push to leave Somalia before he leaves office comes at a delicate time for the East African nation: It is preparing for parliamentary elections next month and a presidential election scheduled for early February. The removal of American troops could complicate any ability to keep election rallies and voting safe from Shabaab bombers. It also comes at a time of political turmoil in neighboring Ethiopia, whose army has also battled the Shabaab.

“Supporters of the mission say it is important for the United States to continue strikes on militants and to help train government forces to prevent their territory from becoming a haven for planning terrorist strikes, much like how Al Qaeda plotted the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks from a home base in Afghanistan. Even some of Mr. Trump’s staunchest Republican allies in Congress have warned against troop cuts in Somalia.”

Odd isn’t it that the press went ballistic when President Trump had troops hunt down and kill the Iranian general who organized terrorist attacks, but now that same press DEMANDS that we slaughter a bunch of privates and corporals because we might have another 9/11.

We need to stop fighting the Muslim wars the deep state drags us into.

by Don Surber