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Trucker patsies Sh’vat 1

Remember the Trump deception?

How the Donald was going to save America and do the right thing like clean the swamp, stop chemtrails, and arrest the bad guys? Then, none of that happened. Then, he could have stopped the steal – he had the power – and instead invited everyone to storm the capitol on Jan 6th, 2021 and let them rot ever since.

He has, in the last year, shilled ceaselessly for the vax weapon. 

Showing his true colors for all to see.

The same people who supported him as a right guy, are the same people supporting the Trucker thing up north against Tird boys fascism (really Klause’s and the NWO cabal). Doing the right thing.

  • Know this fact.
  • For them to starve us to death, they needed a legit patsy. And, they got it.
  • Mostly white people, check.
  • Red hats, check.
  • Full of patriotic verve and decency, check.
  • Suckers, yet again, check.

Now, instead of focusing on blocked ports of entry and obedient satanic assets in corporate food purposely short stocking shelves, as we all have witnessed, we have handed them ourselves, yet again, to be the poster boy of doom and despair. 


Like we did on January 6th last year. I tried warning people for a solid month, NOT TO GO TO THAT THING. IT WAS A TRAP. 

This is no different. 

Now, from today onward, watch a HUGE wave of shortages, all planned, patsy operation complete. This is why the police aren’t really stopping them; they need them up there to take the fall for THEIR crimes.

For these truths and others, I am pariah. Well, I’m not here to tell you its going to be okay. I’m here to give you as much of the truth of Earth as can be handled. All these long years. If this and other posts offend, so be it.


New Moon, Sh’vat