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Too cowardly to sue a Muslim baker

The harassment of Jack Phillips continues from the state and its lefty puppeteers. He is a Christian and a cake artisan whom the state of Colorado has tried to force to create a wedding cake for two homosexuals. The courts properly ruled that Colorado violated his rights which are given by God and protected by the Constitution.
Now comes Autumn Scardina, a lawyer, who claims Phillips turned down her request to build Scardina a cake celebrating her transgenderism.
The New York Daily News reported this as “the baker didn’t sell her a cake because she was transgender,” but Scardina was not trying to buy a cake off the shelf but rather the lawyer wanted a customized cake.
Phillips declined.
The News reported, “Scardina attempted to order a cake on the same day in 2017 when the Supreme Court justices announced they would hear Phillips appeal on the same-sex wedding case. He refused, so she took matters to court.”
This was a set-up. The state pursued that phony complaint about discrimination, but later dropped the case after the Supreme Court said the victim was Phillips, not the gay activists who harassed him.
However, our John Roberts and His Court was PC about the whole matter.
The Wall Street Journal reported, “In the first go-round, Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission (2018), the Supreme Court ruled 7-2 for Mr. Phillips. But it did so narrowly, on grounds that the commission had displayed ‘clear and impermissible hostility’ to Mr. Phillips’s religious beliefs. (One commissioner compared Mr. Phillips’s invocation of his Christian beliefs to defenses of slavery and the Holocaust.) The court left unresolved the key constitutional question: Can the government compel people to create speech or artistic expressions to which they profoundly object?”
By calling it “impermissible hostility,” Roberts and his Gang of 8 signaled that there is “permissible hostility” toward Christians. If only the deep state in Colorado were polite in its hostility, then it could have fined and jailed Phillips for being a Christian.
Scardina may be attempting to bankrupt a Christian, or maybe Scardina believes the case is not frivolous because this anti-Christian effort is “permissible hostility.”
Targeting Christians is a pillar of gay activists. It is not that they want rights for themselves as much as they wish to deny rights to others.
My question is, why do Scardina and the rest not get a Muslim to bake their customized cakes?

by Don Surber