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Tonga Nuke?

Field testing the nuke type (B61 Mark 12) necessary to produce tsunamis for the La Palma event.

Means the event is close at hand.

B61-12 is the latest variant of the B61 family of air-launched nuclear gravity bombs, which have been operational with the US military since 1968. The new variant is intended to improve nuclear capabilities of the US Air Force and allied nations. The bomb can be air-launched by the aircraft platforms such as B-2A, F-15E, F-16C/D, F-16 MLU, PA-200, F-35, and B-21.

The first production unit of the B61-12 nuclear bomb is expected to be completed in 2022.
B61-12 nuclear bomb development and flight testing

The new variant development is part of the B61-12 life extension programme (LEP), which is a joint effort between the US Air Force and the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA).