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This now describes what it is like to be an American in our era…

* Your fleeing your local area because the authorities are spraying your community with a neurotoxin and you don’t want your children to be aggressive retards… literally. Chemtrails and death go hand in hand.

*  You can no longer afford the rent you have to pay yearly to the government for the house that you own.

*  Your first amendment is under attack due to “racism”. Everything you say, unless it is pro LGBTFCKO IS being used against you, whether you are aware of it or not.

*  Your country has been engaged in perpetual war for perpetual peace and now they have bit off more than they can chew, risking WWIII and the complete annihilation of your population.

* Cops kicking in doors, shooting dogs and blowing peoples faces off with flash grenades have replaced random acts of kindness. And, after it is all over, YOU will be blamed for any and all death or damage to anyone or anything. 

* If you get pulled over you are likely to get jabbed with a needle for your DNA or asked to hand over your wallet to get your cash with no legal recourse, violating 3 amendments of the US constitution and is outright highway ROBBERY. By the very people who SWORE TO UPHOLD THE CONSTITUTION.

*  Torture, black bag jobs and extrajudicial proceedings are now legal and commonplace for those considered enemas of the state.

*  The population in some areas are no longer able to deny that their children receive injectable poisons designed to make them feeble idiots courtesy of those who brought you everything above.

*  Now they are after the populations ability to defend itself.

Yeah there might be a problem.

And your teachers, parents, friends, and everyone else blindly leading you down the path of ignorance and slavery…