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This looks like a false flag attempt…Ukraine launches a drone at Europe and NATO countries

  • Cruise missiles DO NOT have pilots; 
  • travel at usually 2X the speed of sound; 
  • The do not land, nor have landing gear. 
  • Being solid fuel, they DO NOT run out of gas. 
  • They are self-guided, pre-programmed weapons that hold about a ton of high explosive or a decent sized 3 megaton nuke, if its has to. 
  • It was deliberately flown – it’s a fire and forget weapon, like a heat seeking missile.

There is so much CIA misinformation to muddy the waters and explain away an intentional FALSE FLAG of WAR by Ukraine to target Croatia or Italy, to bring in NATO and turbo switch on an ugly and swift reply from at least Italy and the US. This was clearly a premeditated event and they GOT CAUGHT. Hence all the BS over on twitter and everywhere else the CIA controlled MSM spews lie after endless lie with the aforementioned bologna. It can, if within transmitter range of the range safety officer, be terminated in flight; but it that were the case, there would be very little left. Just pieces the size of your thumb.

This was a spiritual interference from on high. The author of all things apparently wasn’t going to allow such a sneaky as all get out play, to get a few million people killed and entire countries thrown into a cauldron of doom and horror.

These people are monsters. Simply monsters.