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They Said Fluoride Does Not Damage Water Pipes


Fluorine is known as one of the most dangerous and corrosive substances. Chemists have difficulty in getting any metal to contain it without destruction. Sodium fluoride is a fluorine compound and also is corrosive and poisonous. It ranks along with cyanide and arsenic in toxicity. Many fluoridated cities have had frequent breakdowns in their water systems. Three large water pumps were almost destroyed by fluoride corrosion in North Hampton, Massachusetts. In Newburgh, people reported that their water heaters squirted water like “rotten rubber hoses.” Concord, New Hampshire had to pay over $200,000 to replace their fluoride-damaged city water system. Other cities, including San Francisco, reported similar difficulties.
If fluoride will do that to the hardest steel fixtures and pipes, what will it do to the delicate internal organs and soft tissues? No wonder there are so many diseases traced to fluoride poisoning. Fluoride is not eliminated like waste food, it accumulates in the body and causes deterioration.
Dr. Charles Dillon, researcher on fluoride wrote in THE CHEMISTRY OF FLUORIDES, “In severe and crippling fluorosis no toxic effects at all may be observed. . . . before the crippling effects become obvious.”
Dr. C.A. Brusch, director of Brusch Medical Center, Cambridge, Massachusetts states: “Fluorides are protoplasmic poisons and have never been medically approved.”
Dr. C.I. Betts of Toledo, Ohio investigated fluoridation for ten years and found that Bright’s disease (fatal kidney disease) increased 50% in fluoridated areas. There was also a 50% increase in brain damage and much mongoloidism. Diabetes more than doubled where fluoridated water was used regularly.