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They are planning to vaccinate us against our will, by threats, jail, fines, lack of services

Noncompliant and non-immune citizens would be isolated physically and socially.

1) I am not aware of ANY successful coronavirus vaccine.

2) Of the strains of coronavirus that cause the common cold, most people do not get long term immunity from the virus.  That alone makes me doubt the efficacy of any vaccine.

3) When scientists tried to develop a SARS vaccine, it never made it out of the animal testing stage because SARS was gone and the vaccine actually caused the mice to have lethal cytokine storms upon exposure to the SARS virus.  It made things worse.

On the vaccine, you first.  Even if the effort to develop it is in earnest, you first.  the WHO is saying that having had the virus and having antibodies doesn’t mean you’re immune…but somehow how a vaccine (which science shows is a MUCH weaker form of immunity compared to natural exposure) works?! That makes no sense at all on any level. That reeks of an agenda to vaccinate. Best case scenario it’s a cash grab for pharmaceutical companies. Worst case it’s eugenics or injectable nanobots. 

The WHO organization is run by a former warlord from Africa who used to intercept foreign aid and food to control his populations. 

He’s not doing anything good for anyone. 

 I have zero faith in the testing kits they are using in a rush right now , as far as being able to specifically identify ”  COV-19 ”  anti-bodies. They claim everyday that they are waiting for more ” statistics ” to even understand the range of effects on different people . So why would I trust 30 different manufacturers, from different countries too, of different types of swab tests being able to say I have this specific ” cov-19 “

The first kits available were in Seattle they contained the virus.

Big % number of stuff from china is fake & is contaminated. If is not sterile then it is not working at all

The USA senate has declared all vaccines to be unavoidably unsafe. The vaccines were so dangerous that the government removed the liability from the manufactures for unsafe vaccines. They then set up the Vaccine Injury Commission which has paid out over 4 billion dollars to vaccine injured people, this is considered to be about 1% of the actual vaccine injuries. If you look up the commission it should have the figures on their web site for injuries and death from each vaccine that they have paid out compensation for. I have been told that the flu vaccine leads the numbers of injuries paid out and the HPV is second but not sure of those statistics.

If the vaccines were safe the liability would have been put back on the manufactures but the government will not do that as the vaccine manufactures would be sued out of existence for their dangerous vaccines. Make the manufactures liable again so they make the vaccines safe for all of us


Don’t take anything into your body. Vaxs contain DNA and you’re changed by it.