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They are about to do a BIG distraction

To push the whole Wuhan/Fauci house fire off the front pages and replace it with another, white man bad thing.

However, so far it suits their agenda. Which is…a lab leak or intentional viral leak.

As we know, that’s a lie. This weapon was in development since 1974 and was perfected in the 90s. We know this because the facts and evidence has been outlined here. China just makes the weapon for us, as they do almost all pharmaceuticals sold and used worldwide.

Their burn down of Fauci is a LIMITED HANGOUT. Which means, you admit to a partial truth, to point away from the real causation of an event. Fauci is a useful idiot who follows orders. He is not in charge of any of this world genocide program.

Those responsible are the very people who are running the NWO behind the scenes.

Because of vax weapon deaths, the magnet thing, and other viral issues, they had to deflect and make sure people blamed the wrong doers. So, Fauci is thrown under the bus as was Gates.

And, we haven’t even discussed the spiritual causations at work here, either.

And the distraction and narrative change even will no doubt, very soon, be something extremely ugly that keeps the REAL narrative and plan moving forward. This has and will happen time and again. And people fall for it.

That’s our mistake.