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These are the new rules for the slaves USA

Readers here already knew most of this was coming. They are codifying it into new diktat law by the regime. Have a read.

The unweaponized are NO LONGER FREE to travel on Federal Roadways. 

Well, as they changed all the highway and road rules in 1970, THAT MEANS EVERY INTERSTATE AND FREEWAY IN THE COUNTRY. By definition, we can no longer drive on the roads.

And when the states do their echo version-and they will, because its the same demonics-you won’t even be able to leave your driveway. And how will they accomplish this?

EASY. They key the weapon to all AUTO AND TRUCK REGISTRATION. ALL (and all means all) police SUVs and cruisers have license plate scanners that can SCAN 1000 VEHICLES PER SECOND and you and your car will beep loudly as well as showing up on their monitors in their cabs as THE ONE TO PULL OVER AND ARREST.

We are finished. This is what they are doing in Australia.