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the “virus relief bill” was “$900 billion”. Today, when it actually hit the table, it is 2.3 TRILLION

So let’s do the math again. Yesterday, about $100 billion went to the American people for actual corona relief. That had 166 million people getting 600 each. Calculation is approximate. The actual payout to the American people could be less.

If all 900 billion stated yesterday went to the American people, 166 million people would get a 5,400 check. With today’s update, IF the relief bill really was for “coronavirus” and not just a rape of the nation, 166 million people would receive $13,500. Fat chance they’d ever consider that, rather than simply raping the nation.

PLEASE NOTE: THIS “GOVERNMENT SPENDING PACKAGE” IS BEING ISSUED AFTER EVERY AGENCY AND PURPOSE WAS ALREADY FULLY FUNDED. It is a rape of the American people pure and simple, and precisely what to expect as those who stole the election set out to finalize the destruction of America. They are already starting that process, before Trump is even gone.
Joel Osteen, Nephilim hybrid, adrenochromer, and child trafficker. Go see the basement under his “church” for the Enormous satanic altar for human sacrifice.