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The Vax Weapon sends and receives

The Vax Weapon sends and receives

by Don Bradley

It’s building something that is stealing the iron from the blood, making every one vaxxed completely anemic. Whatever the nanoworms are making, it starts by taking over the entire arm.

But before that happens, and the very moment it is put into the body, it is TALKING to someone, somewhere, constantly. Round the clock.

Beep, beep, beep, beep….

Next, we must record these signals—and we will—giving us the frequency, load, attenuation, everything. Then it becomes a simple matter of breaking the code.

The bastards have already anticipated this event, and it will be found that the weapon rotates through a preset series of code freqs that changes. These will all have to be learned, noted, and dealt with.

This is why jammers, homemade and otherwise, have been banned entirely in the west. Oh sure, they said it was to protect law enforcement, at the time, but as usual with intel groups, this cover lie is tissue thin, given the emergent controls THEY have electronically surrounded us with.


And you’d be thinking…I’ll just get the specs, make one, not tell anyone.

Good plan. But, triangulation of a vector of wavelength disturbance is some we resolved in the late 1930s. The moment you turn the thing on, they’ll know down to the centimeter, its location.