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The usual suspects

Sigh. The network gang is fast work trying to make a buck off of the vax weapon recipients, trying to sell them these “health products” to deal with the injection. 

It helps nothing. Nothing.

Taking cumerin, or this or that, or whatever they plug is simply nonsensical to the thing inside a person. These are really no more than placebos, that assuage the mind, but do nothing to stop the poisons, toxins, MRNA, or nanobots.

The Wealth Ranger, all the usual players, trying to convince everyone they have a way out of hell, but when you look at the solution, it’s nonsense. Sure, supplements ARE good for us, and we should take those we are deficient in. But none of them can or ever will solve the weapon slammed into the body of those souls who are suffering.

Just think this through and use critical thinking skills. 

This just should be so obvious to everyone. This is a BIG REVEAL about what these people really are: field assets of the CIA and coven members.

Also this. Two of the “doctors” coming on the aware and awake team, are frauds. Oh yes, they are doctors, but they are coming into the thing to BURN IT DOWN. Do not let them. One of these ladies, with extremely LONG GREY HAIR, has fully black eyes, no whites. Watch the eyes, friends. Watch the eyes.