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The Trump Reality

We could have used this information 5 years ago. Why is it all coming out now?

The whole Left hates Trump thing was real, but it was created that way to give him a stamp of saintliness that he could not achieve in any other way.

Waiting for Trump to save this country is simply delusional, esp after last years performance of doing nothing to stop the steal.

It is more than apparent that Trump was a placeholder, because of the Hildebeast’s sickly condition and imminent demise. Sure, he did things that looked great for the country and they were. But corporations control this country. They have since the days of Eisenhower, as he stated in his farewell address.

When I found out he signed the Noahide laws, that was it. It is a document of official slaughter of any and all, who are not with the Beast. Look it up.

Come to find out, MAGA is a exoteric rank in satanism.

We never had a chance.

It’s over politically for decent people in this country. Over.