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The Transition Integrity Project Admitted Outside Actors Would ‘Turn Protests Violent’

In 2020, The National Pulse exposed the Chinese Communist Party and Democrat-linked Transition Integrity Project (TIP) as working to fix a victory for Joe Biden. The group, which conducted wargames about potential election outcomes, is staffed and funded extensively by Obama administration alumni.

While the mainstream media has downplayed all claims that AntiFa or other left-wing agitators could have infiltrated yesterday’s protests and storming of the U.S. Capitol, TIP, which got favorable coverage from a host of establishment media outlets, insisted that such an event could occur.

“Of note here: TIP’s scenario exercise suggest that President Trump and his more fervent supporters have every incentive to try to turn peaceful pro-Biden (or anti-Trump) protests violent in order to generate evidence that a Democratic victory is tantamount to “mob rule,” the group wrote in its 2020 playbook promising a “street fight.”

text from tip memo.

“Peaceful protestors will need specialized training on de-escalation and non-violent techniques – and how to document the non-violent nature of their protests, given the likelihood that agitators will attempt to blame any violence on them,” the group added in its 22-page memo.

text from tip memo.

At the time, no media outlet pushed back on TIP’s manifesto despite currently hammering GOP representatives for raising the mere possibility that the peaceful pro-Trump protestors could have been infiltrated by radical, left-wing elements.

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